tiramisu cheesecake

$ 4.00

This moon cake has a chocolate snow skin wrapped around a tiramisu cheesecake filling. This very popular and delicious Italian dessert is now available in moon cake form!  Grab yours before it is all gone!

Each cake is approximately 2 ounces and 2" wide by 1" thick.

Since cakes are homemade, store cakes in the freezer and defrost atleast four hours before eating.  These cakes can be stored in the freezer for up to three weeks.

Cakes will be packaged within 3 days and are shipped via 1 day USPS shipping to the NY/NJ area.

Ingredients:  glutinous flour, wheat flour, rice flour, sweet condensed milk, chocolate sauce, all purpose flour, caster sugar, Philadelphia cream cheese, eggs, vanilla extract, cream, corn starch, mascarpone cheese.  Cakes are made in a kitchen that works with nuts.

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